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Cannabis Leaves
Medical Cannabis
Cannabis Leaves

In this blog series, I interview people from all over the country who partake in cannabis use for a variety of medical conditions as well as discuss topics related to cannabis law, culture, history, and lifestyle. 

Most stories you are about to read are based on people’s opinions about how medical cannabis has helped them heal a specific illness or medical disorders. Some of the interviewees in this series have chosen alternative names to protect themselves from public judgement, fear of not being treated by medical professionals or risk of unemployment. Their names will be surrounded by asterisks.  I acknowledge that the Food and Drug Administration has not done much in-depth research about the benefits of cannabis use and at this time the FDA has not approved all cannabinoids for medical use. More research needs to be done on cannabis before all of its components can be approved by the FDA but that’s why I started this project in the first place— to educate people about cannabis and promote future research. One of the many takeaways I would like all readers to have from this blog is to consider cannabis as an alternative medicine if the readers see fit. Most interviews were had with interviewees between 2018 and 2019.

Have a story to tell? Let me know!

Has cannabis changed your life in some way? I am always looking for stories to add to this blog. It is so important to raise awareness about this life-changing medicine. Fill out the form below if you would life to share. I will be sure to get back to you!

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