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Peace, love and opportunity

In the mid-1960s, it was not uncommon for those growing up in the “peace, love and happiness” era to light up a joint now and again, but Tom Tamandl’s venture into the cannabis world didn’t start until he was in graduate school, studying Spanish at the University of Wisconsin.

“A fellow student offered me a pipe while we were listening to the Beatles one day and I was instantly struck, I was an instant fan,” he said.

Tom added that he originally used cannabis for its mood-altering effects, but started using it for medicinal purposes after moving to Colorado in the 1970s. While there, a Native American massage therapist who helped him heal from an injury, suggested that cannabis was a medicine and should be used in that context.

Tom took the therapist’s advice to heart and has been using cannabis as a medicine ever since. Today, he says that he uses cannabis for hip and back pain, arthritis and diabetic nerve pain. Tom added that, while he seeks professional medical advice, he mostly uses CBD products to manage the pain for now. However, he also uses a cannabis tincture with a 15:1 CBD to THC ratio.

Things became so clear for Tom that, on December 13 2017, after 30 years of working in the field of employment and training, he opened Breedsville Provision Center when a friend told him it could be a great business opportunity. However, that’s not what sold Tom on why he wanted to get into the cannabis industry.

“I stayed in it because of the relief from pain that I see our patients experience. Our motto is “Where Healing Matters” and I believe that mental and physical pain can be reduced, minimized and even eliminated through the use of cannabis. I’m happy I got into this and I’m happy to help the patients."


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